Society Bar

Society Bar and Nightspot is located in Cairns CBD in the heart of the nightlife arena.  We host many functions & events. It’s a must place to party in Cairns!

What we offer to Cairn’s Society

  • 2 bars and dance floor
  • Outdoor balcony area overlooking city
  • Extensive Wine & Cocktail menus
  • Great party atmosphere
  • Classy and fun lounge areas
  • Live resident DJ’s every weekend
  • FREE function areas

Australian Home Loan Tips

Best Tips For Home Loans In Australia

Obtaining a home loan can seem like an overwhelming process for anyone. Home loans in Australia are plentiful for those who have the knowledge to discover the best deal for them financially. Hopefully, you’ll have some good tips to apply to your home loan application process after reading this short article.

The first major tip we have for anyone thinking about home loans in Australia is to start saving. You want to have a sizable down payment on your loan. Many lenders will require about ten to twenty percent of the purchase price to be forked over up front in the form of a down payment. The earlier you save, the more money you have to put down on a home.

Knowing your credit score is a must before ever thinking of applying for home loans in Australia. You need a high credit score so that you can get the best interest rate possible on your home. Homes loans in Australia are typically for between 15 and 30 years. This is a long time for interest to stack up on your loan. A one percent difference in your interest rate could mean thousands of dollars. Understanding what your credit score currently is and working on improving it to make sure you are in the high 700s will give you the best chance at getting the lowest interest rates possible.

The lenders for home loans in Australia are going to want to ensure that you’re a good investment. They want to ensure that you’re making more than enough money to cover the cost of your monthly mortgage premium. They will require you to provide group certificates for previous years. You should get these readily available so they’re on hand when you apply for home loans in Australia, at 

Once you know what your credit score is, you should take a look at your current income. What amount can you comfortably afford to put towards your mortgage premium each month? It’s best to have your mortgage at 40 percent or below your monthly income. This will ensure you have money left over to pay for utilities, food, and other living expenses. This number is going to be different for everyone. You should have this clear number in mind before you ever apply for home loans in Australia as you’ll be able to find out what price range you can look for homes in. It’s better to find a home to fit your payment, then to fall in love with a home that is way out of your price range.

There are many tips that you should utilize when applying for Home Loans at We encourage you to read over the list above multiple times so that you can get them ingrained in your brain. You always want to plan ahead of time so that you don’t get stuck in a mortgage you can’t afford or you don’t get turned down for a mortgage loan you desperately need.

Australian Home Loan Basics

The Basics Of Home Loans In Australia

Australia is home to more consumer debt per person than anywhere else on planet Earth. As a result, Australians generally don’t have that much money to spend, opting to take out more debt because they can’t afford to buy whatever they’re interested in.

In every country around the world, taking out mortgages to back the purchases of residential spaces like apartments and homes is unarguably the most popular way of securing shelter.

Let’s take a deeper look into the basics of home loans in Australia, including how they work, some of the most popular types of home loans in Australia, and related topics.

Explain The Inner Workings Of A Home Loan In Australia

Because home loans in Australia are so massive in terms of dollar amounts, lenders must make sure their patrons are reasonably able to pay them back. Unless hopeful buyers can purchase homes entirely in cash, passing lenders’ of in Australia applications and background checks is of utmost importance.

Credit scores on the world’s largest island – also doubling as a country and a continent – are used by lenders to determine how likely debtors are to pay debts back. In this case, for approval of mortgage, virtually all lenders will screen applicants for their credit scores.

In Australia, the two most popular servicers of personal credit scores are VedaScore and Equifax, both offering the Australian standard range for credit scores of 0 to 1200.

Offering Deposits Up Front Speak Wonders For Credibility

As we’ve already established, Home Loans are crazy expensive. When lenders can’t reasonably expect to collect what they’re owed on a monthly basis, they miss out on lots of money.

To best boost credibility, offering a sizeable down payment at the time contracts for home loans in Australia are signed is recommended.

Saving for such down payments may take a few months, or even years, but doing so is worth it, no matter how you slice it.

Other Forms Of Collateral Are Useful In Getting Lower Interest Rates

Collateral is any asset of value to lenders that borrowers agree to transfer possession of to lenders in the event borrowers fail to satisfy the terms and conditions of their Home Loans Calculator.

Borrowers, of course, can even put down the property, house, and its other structures they’ve secured with home loans in Australia against such contracts, as a means of lowering payments and upping credibility.

Tips for Home Loans

Four Tips To Remember When Shopping Home Loans In Australia

Whether you’re buying your first house or your second one, finding the right loan is vital for ensuring long-term success. As you consider the different home loans in Australia, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the the many different terms and features. Following are four tips that will make these efforts infinitely easier.

1. Consider The Total Costs Of Ownership Before Looking For Home Loans In Australia

When it comes to overhead spending, owning a home is a lot more costly than renting one. Before you start shopping Home Loan, try to develop a comprehensive understanding of your actual spending abilities. There are a number of online tools that will assist you in calculating your overall ownership costs. These account for the additional insurance you’ll need for protecting your investment, ongoing maintenance and repairs, taxation, full utilities, and more.

2. Find A Loan Type That Matches Your Needs And Circumstances

There’s a vast and incredibly competitive market for home loans in Australia, as well as many different loan types to consider. Buyers can choose from investment loans, interest-only loans, and variable and fixed-rate loans. Take the time to list out your priorities, and your short and long-term goals. You should also consider working with a financial advisor who can tell you all about the nuances of the local loan market, and the benefits and drawbacks of each loan type.

3. Get Your Debt Sorted Out

Many prospective buyers start shopping for home loans in Australia prematurely. These individuals may have existing debt that will make it harder for them to qualify for the most desirable loan options. Consumers with truly stellar financial profiles will always qualify for funding products with lower interest rates than will those individuals who have massive amounts of debt to pay off. Sorting your debt out by using the Home Loans Calculator and applying for these products will give you a higher likelihood of getting approved, along with a better ability to secure excellent loan terms.

4. Increase Your Deposit

It’s certainly possible to buy a home with just five to ten percent of the purchasing price saved up as a deposit. With down payments this low, however, you’ll invariably need to pay for loan insurance. Moreover, when you save more money for your down payment, you’ll be able to borrow more money as well. This can open the door to homes that are being offered at higher price points, and in some of Australia’s most popular locations. When applying for home loans in Australia, putting at least 20 percent of the total purchasing price down will eliminate the need for loan insurance and give you access to a truly adequate funding amount.